Importing your product feed (offers) from (Quickstart)

A.K.A.: Learning from your existing configuration

If you are already active on it is recommended that you allow the connector to learn what products you are already selling on, at what prices and according to what delivery promise.
Do so right after adding your account data.

This will save a lot of time as you won’t have to manually select and “configure” each and every product that you are already offering on again.

Step 1 – Make sure you have configured your account data

If you have followed the installation guide you should have at least configured one account as can be seen in the image below.

Clicking on the “Import offers from” link will trigger a warning that this process might take several minutes to complete.

Once accepted, a new window will open and for quite some time nothing will seem to happen.
In that moment, is generating a dump of all the offers (products) you have already published using that account.

After obtaining the list, the connector module will try to match each offer with its Prestashop counterpart by comparing both the EAN13 and reference code.

The result will be a list of products that were imported as can be seen below.

Double checkmark: Both EAN and Reference were matched to a single product in Prestashop’s catalog.
Single checkmark: The EAN was matched to a single product in Prestashop’s catalog.
Red cross: Mapping this particular offer to Prestashop’s catalog failed.

Mapping failures may occur when duplicate EANs exist in your catalog.

And that’s it!

🛈 Mapping only works when the EAN13 and/or reference only occur once in Prestashop’s catalog.
Prestashop allows invalid EAN13 codes to be used, but does not.