How do I inform the buyer about a track and trace code?

Just set the proper track and trace code in the order.
Possibly you have a module that already takes care of that for you.

If a track and trace code is present and the order is marked as shipped, the module will take care of informing about that track and trace code.

How do I handle returns?

The module currently does not support returns.

However, you can simply use the “Partial Refund” or “Cancel Products” function of Prestashop in combination to restock products.
You just need to process the return in’s back office.

How can I add the connector configuration screen to the Prestashop Back Office menu?

Go to Administration -> Menus and click the “Add new menu” button. Place these values into the form:
Name: connector
Class: AdminBolcom
Module: bolcom
Status: yes

Can I use the connector to only import orders?

Yes, the module allows you to disable offer synchronization.
This way you can manage orders from within Prestashop but have another solution take care of keeping your stock, prices and delivery promises at in sync.

This means you can use for example Channable to arrange stock synchronisation and use the Connector to import and process orders.
The module blindly copies the pricing information that comes along with orders so any applicable bracket discounts will be reflected properly in your administration in Prestashop.