When editing a product in your catalog you will see an extra tab called “bol.com connector”.
This tab allows you to specify if you wish this product to appear on bol.com and if you have more than one account on bol.com, under what account(s) it should appear.

Also the price and delivery promise are specified here.

Any changes that you’ve make will no be visible on bol.com until you synchronize your product feed to bol.com.

The importance of a valid EAN and Reference Code

It is important to provide a valid EAN-13 code and a unique Reference Code for each of your products.

EAN: Bol.com only accepts products with an EAN code. If a product has no EAN code it cannot be sold on bol.com.

Reference Code: The bol.com connector uses your reference codes to map a product you sold through bol.com to a product in your Prestashop catalog.
Without that match, the order importing process will try to find a match based on the EAN code. If that fails too, the order cannot be imported and you will see a warning at the top of the orders overview, informing you that there is manual intervention needed.

See the Manage failed order imports page for more info.

Product combinations

When you are selling products with options such as size or color, the bol.com connect will provide you with the option to specify different prices for each of those options.

To speed things up, any data entered in the first row that contains the account name will update all underlying fields with the same value.