Instead of updating products one by one, it is also possible to update a selection of products at once. Also using a price formula such as “product price + 15% +0.99” is possible.
Note that it’s also perfectly possible to mass-update the delivery promises, but leave the prices untouched.

Also note that this feature currently only works for normal products, not for product combinations!

Finally note that the green or red icons are clickable but do not serve any purpose. This is inherited behaviour from the User Interface framework of Prestashop and can’t be avoided.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Mass Product Updating” screen through the module’s homepage or the direct link that is found in each product’s “ connector” tab.
  2. Make a selection of the products you wish to update (searching for products and categories is possible)
  3. Select the products you wish to change.
    In the example above I have selected all dresses.
    Note that no products are currently marked to be published on as they are all marked with a red cross.
  4. Click “Bulk actions -> Update selected”.
  5. The next screen will allow you to specify what bulk-changes you want to make.
  6. The example above shows:
    1. That I only wish to make changes the “Bol Nederland” product feed because “Ignore” is unchecked.
    2. That I wish to publishing the selected products to the “Bol Nederland” account.
    3. That the product price should not simply be a specific number, but that for each selected product the formula “post tax price + 15% + 99 cents” should be applied.
    4. And that I wish to set the delivery promise to 1 to 2 working-days.
  7. Click on “Save” to apply your changes.
  8. You can now see that 5 products have been configured to be published on, under my “Bol Nederland” account.