If you are already active on bol.com it is recommended that you import your product feed (offers) right after adding your bol.com account data.
This way you won’t again have to manually select and “configure” all products that you are already offering on bol.com again.

But first, please read must read for sellers that are already active on bol.com

What we will be doing: We will download an export from bol.com, re-format it and store it again.
Then we offer this file to the bol.com connector for Prestashop so it can import and process the data.

The steps to do this are:

  1. Navigate to www.bol.com/sdd and login
  2. Go to the “Mijn aanbod” (or “Aanbod”) page.
  3. Click on “Aanbod toevoegen”
  4. Click on the link: “Excel-uploadtool”
  5. Click on the link: “Mijn huidige aanbod.xlsx”
  6. An Excel file will be downloaded. Open this when ready.
    (I will be assuming you are using Excel too.)

We now have a copy of your current bol.com offer information.
With that we will create a new, cleaner copy of said data.

  1. Open the downloaded file in Excel
  2. Create a new Excel file (ctrl+n)
  3. Switch back to the downloaded file and select the column headers “Reference, EAN, Condition, Stock, Price, Deliverycode, Offer description, For sale, Title” and all the values below them.
  4. Hit ctrl+c (Copy)
  5. Go to the new file and type “v.2.2” (Without the quotes) in the first cell.
  6. Press enter.
  7. Press ctrl+v (Paste)
  8. Now save the file as a “CSV (Comma delimited)” file.
    Excel will warn you about possible loss of data, but that’s alright.

We’re done with Excel.

  1. Switch back to your browser and navigate to the bol.com connector’s “Quickstart” page.
  2. Choose the proper account from the list.
  3. Select the file you just generated.
  4. Hit the “Import” button.
    This may take quite a while, depending on the amount of products that you have.

If everything goes well you should see a success message detailing how many items were inserted, updated or skipped.

In case of an error, the message will explain the problem.
If you encounter errors, compare your CSV file with the template that is linked from the import module’s explanatory text. (The blue section at the top of the page.)