The General configuration page let’s you configure some important values.

About order states

New order states came with the installing the module.
Being a Prestashop user you already know the significance of order states. They have a special meaning and changing an order’s state triggers certain Prestashop functionality.
The connector is no different.

Default status for new orders

Every order needs an initial order state. The default behavior of the module is to add and set a status called “New (”.
This makes it easier to recognize a order. Also the order default order states didn’t quite describe the order’s state correctly.

Shipped status

By default, Prestashop will send out an e-mail when an order is set to “shipped”. doesn’t allow this as they are the ones who send that mail to the buyer. If you do it too, it’s just confusing for the buyer and a mix of brands ( and yours)
That’s why the module added a new status called “Shipped (”.

This status will not send out an e-mail and set the order as paid. The latter is technically incorrect as will pay you 21 days after you shipped the order, but this way the payments will already show up in your reports and on the dashboard.

Cancelled states

In contrast to the backoffice, there are 2 reasons that the module can specify when cancel an order.

Out of stock: The meaning of this state is obvious. You ran out of stock, and as doesn’t allow nor support the “backorder” concept, you must cancel with this reason. will penalize you for this.

Requested by Customer: The customer asked you to cancel the order and is still in time for that.
If not in time, then the order will just have to be sent and then returned later by the customer.

Important Note’s systems offers no other way to know that an order was requested to be cancelled than through an e-mailn sent by
Therefor the connector can not show you that an order was requested to be cancelled.