The history behind Appwards

After pressing pause on our self-employed lives for a few years we (Carolina and Menno) now find ourselves itching to work on our dream of managing a business together. Also we’d like to include Argentina in those planes given our strong ties with the country.

Carolina is originally from Argentina and has worked in the IT sector there for 10 years before continuing her career in the Netherlands.
Menno is Dutch but speaks Spanish fluently and has visited Córdoba, Argentina so often it now feels like home-away-from-home.

Although we both started out in IT we possess very different hard- and soft-skills that complement each other very well.
So it seems only logical we’d unite our abilities and our large network of talented IT professionals and tackle any challenge our clients can throw at us.

Will you too be part of our dream?

Menno Bieringa
Menno BieringaSales and Tech
“He’s a big talker” the swimming coach told the parent of 7 year ol Menno.
Later also listening and a lot of technical knowledge was added to that.
Apart from technology one of Menno’s most significant area of interest is the art of communication.
Turning a technical subject into something that the less tech-savvy understand and maybe even enjoy could almost be considered a hobby.
But also fire, BBQ and the accompanying cosiness that comes along with that is something he loves.
Carolina Bauque
Carolina BauqueProject Management, Data and Development
As a child Carolina was already a stickler for precision. Every object has its place, ideally in a properly labeled box together with other items of the same category.
She’s methodic and can’t relax until the work is 100% done.
Growing up in her father’s hardware store she has learned the values of labor at a young age and the benefits that solid processes yield.
This talent came in handy during her career as a software developer.
Other passions of hers are cooking, baking and sharing beautiful pictures of her creations, including the recipes.

Would you like to be part of our adventure?

We would very much like to work with people from Argentina.
Would you be interested in working with us? We’re also open for part-time commitment.

We are very open to schedule a call and discuss this further or to simply catch up!